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Hematology 2015, the American Society of Hematology Education program book— published in connection with the 57th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida — included a comprehensive review of therapeutic approaches to myelofibrosis by John Mascarenhas, Tisch Cancer Institute, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai.

To make this near encyclopedic review of therapeutic options and work in progress available to clinicians and patients, The MPN Quarterly Journal reproduces the paper in full.

For a readable version of the full paper  appearing in Blood. click Here for the PDF.

Major sections and tables are:

Refining risk stratification in MF

A brief update on JAK2 inhibitors in MF

Non-JAK2 inhibitor therapy in MF

Focus on combination therapy in MF

Evaluating approaches to accelerated/blast phase MPN

Evaluating current HSCT clinical trial approaches in myelofibrosis

Role of HSCT in MF


Table 1. JAK2 inhibitors tested in clinical trials in patients with myelofibrosis

Table 2. Novel non-JAK2 inhibitors in clinical trials for patients with myelofibrosis

Table 3. Double- and triple-combination therapy trials in chronic and advanced phases of myelofibrosis

Mascarenhyas paper